Avvaiyar Government College for Women


AGCW , Karaikal Got Second prize in Pondicherry University Inter- collegiate KHO-KHO Tournament 2022-23..




            The year 1972 saw a sea change in Karaikal in the field of women's education with the starting of Avvaiyar Government College for Women by the Government of Puducherry under affiliation of Madras University. This College was started in 1972 - 73 with Arts and Science Courses at Pre- university level. Later to quench the thirst of girl students for knowledge, B.A. History was started during 1973 - 74 and B.A. ENGLISH LITERATURE during 1976 - 77.

            Since the girl students evinced keep interest to learn Science subjects, the Government started B.Sc. Botany main in 1977 - 78, B.Sc. Mathematics main in 1978 - 79, B.Sc. Chemistry main in 1980 - 81 and B.Sc. Physics main in 1985 - 86. As the demand for Commerce studies increased, B.Com. was started during 1984 - 85. With the establishment of The Pondicherry University during 1985-86, the college has been affiliated to it since 1986-87. Due to general demand, B.Sc. Home Science was started in 1995-96. Avvaiyar Government College for Women, Karaikal entered in to a new era completing twenty five years of glorious service in the field of women's education in the year 1996-97 when it celebrated its Silver Jubilee. B.Sc. in Computer Science was started in 1998-99 and in view of perennial increase in demand of job oriented courses, of late B.Com in Corporate Secretaryship was started from the academic year 2010-2011. Avvaiyar Government College for Women, Karaikal rededicates itself in the overall progress and development of women's education in Karaikal region.